Washington, D.C. Business Networking

The Business Development Council (BDC) is an exclusive, invitation-only networking group dedicated to the formation of strong, long-term referral relationships among business owners and high profile industry leaders from around the Washington DC area. The BDC mission of beneficial & trustworthy bonds between members is supported through monthly “group” meetings, as well as one-on-one “individual” meetings between members.


The BDC convenes on the second Wednesday of every month from 12 – 1:30pm at Rockville, Maryland location of Matchbox Pizza. Meetings take place in the private event room on the First Level.

Meeting Schedule

The Business Development Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month, and features one keynote speaker from the group presenting at each meeting.


Members of The Business Development Council are carefully chosen and represent thought and market leaders from across the Washington, D.C. business landscape.

Monthly Meetings @ Matchbox Pizza Rockville

Members of the Business Development Council pass business and industry information to one another throughout each month, but meet formally on the second Wednesday of each month for chapters meetings.

High-Level Professionals

The Business Development Council is comprised of business owners and decision-makers from across the Washington, D.C. industry landscape, and uses that diverse knowledge base to inform and educate members about business opportunities as they arise.

Educational Events

Throughout the year, the Business Development Council sponsors a number of educational events open to all member's clients for the purposes of continuing education on matters relevant to all businesses, while also promoting networking at-large.


First and foremost, the Business Development Council is a team of like-minded professionals who not only constantly seek to grow their own businesses, but those of fellow members.